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Fully automatic high-speed bag making machine auto

Application of automatic high-speed bag making machine equipment is related to the pleased many major industry of national economy and people's livelihood, such as food, chemical, pharmaceutical, etc. Behind in China's food supplies, is a huge bag making machine packaging machine market. In 2010 alone, according to the China made bag machine and packaging machine industry association, China food and packaging machine industry gross value of industrial output will reach 1300000000000 yuan, and the market demand may reach 200000000000 yuan. Bag making machine as a kind of flexible packaging equipment, has a huge market potential and a good space for development.
It is understood that the flexible packaging equipment manufacturing industry in our country history only more than 20 years, it is on the basis of the introduction of foreign equipment, through the digestion and absorption, from the earliest can only produce simple small bag bag making machine to the present automatic high-speed bag making machine, for the development of domestic packaging industry provides the basis of equipment. In recent years, with the increase of demand, also have a large number of imported equipment, such as a large number of Japanese equipment purchase. Shows that our country has its own bag making machine equipment technical level is not up to par, and abroad there is a certain gap. Want to bridge the gap between equipment in our country and international, to focus on the development of high efficiency, high speed, high precision, advanced equipment.

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