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Sc: four characteristics of packaging design analy


Product packaging design is usually the first impression of the brand for people, this is why those successful companies have been trying to adopt innovation, remarkable and unique packaging design, the following is a Fang Bang mechanical relevant personage collected four characteristics of packaging design, hope to bring paper bag machine packaging designers design inspiration.

Catering to the season

Most companies keep product novelty way is change the way of selling products, such as catering to the season. Oreo is a very good example, each to a specific holiday, oreo packaging design will have some changes, into the corresponding quarter of flavors and colors, red, orange, yellow, belongs to its place so don't let the consumer think his oreo.

Environment friendly

Especially in the past few years, environmental protection has become a necessary for good corporate responsibility, and consumers generally prefer to buy those who make them feel a certain contribution to protect the earth's goods, this was especially true in the bottled water, such as the Arrowhead (arrow) mineral water in the product use recycled water bottles, mineral water packaging was 50% lower than original plastic components, they found that these costs less and is easy to produce the bottle, more important is very environmentally friendly.


The company is really understand my heart! Is the first impression that gives a person the localization design, Absolut Vodka (Absolut) test the design gimmick, it through the localization and artistic advertising design, the product into the global market success. To make consumers pay is not an easy thing, so the Absolut Vodka really spent a lot of attention in details: they will correspond to the geographical location and the local people's age, gender and into the careful market research, applying the accurate packaging design touches the hearts of consumers.

Restoring ancient ways

Through unceasing innovation, product packaging technology and trends in technology is the window of a business to attract consumers, but want to flexo printing technology to stand out is very difficult, but here there is a little secret: restore ancient ways, most people have this nostalgic complex. Although many companies don't use packaging design restoring ancient ways, paddle mixer pneumatic mixer High shear mixer mixing scattered mixer blender but General Mills (General Mills) are trying to restore ancient ways become modern packaging design elements, they used to restore ancient ways to design a food origin history presented to the customer, make the line of its opposite is a unique and lasting effect, and won a good reputation at the same time.

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