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China's packaging industry in a high growth period


At present, the packaging industry is still in the high speed development phase, expected future packaging industry in our country long-standing excess production capacity, excessive dependence on energy resources consumption, the independent innovation ability weak, the enterprise competitive ability is not strong, industry scale and economic benefit of structural and quality defects such as disproportionate will highlight.

The future development of packaging industry is not confined to the research and development and application of packaging material itself, but also fluctuate in deep processing. Stretch packaging industry chain, do deep and large packaging industry, optimize the industrial structure, strengthen independent innovation ability, will be the future development trend of the paper bag packaging machine industry.

With the prosperity and development of China's commodity economy, the improvement of people's living quality and improve the level of consumption, life rhythm speeding up, consumers in microwave food, leisure food, frozen food constant food demand is growing. The personage inside course of study points out, this trend will accelerate quick-frozen food, convenience food packaging requirements.

The government put forward the agricultural industrialization development plan, focus on developing agricultural and sideline products deep processing, agricultural and sideline products deep processing project needs a large number of packaging machinery and packaging materials. The national development and reform commission to food processing and packaging machinery as a priority to the development of food industry in the development of key areas, which will bring to the development of packaging machinery industry broad prospects, paddle mixer pneumatic mixer High shear mixer blender mixed dispersion mixer in the future a long period of time, the food and flexo printing machine packaging machinery of annual growth rate is expected to more than 12%.

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